Home Game 34, 3-6-09
Nuggets @ Jazz
Jazz 97 - Nuggets 91

10 in a row is nice! this game sucked in the first half, big time.. nice turnaround in the 2nd half, but it should have happened sooner in the game.. at least we won..

the game was at a low point in the 2nd quarter when a frequent attending jazz fan wearing a stockton jersey came to dance with the dancers.. see included great photo, it's a good one i think.. that had the crowd cheering a bit, but it wasn't until late in the quarter when we cut the lead to 10 when things picked up again.. he needs to be at every game though, i think..

what a bogus call when the Jazz had a 3 on 1 fastbreak and the shotclock didn't start.. they should at least favor us in some way, like all other team has to start at other baseline or something.. that one was weak..

alcohol enforcement was seriously getting on my nerves early in this game.. they came to my portal and stood at the front of the portal for a good 15 minutes or so (i think), forcing me to look at the guy's shiny bald head.. it sucked, i took a few pictures of the losers.. i yelled at the guy after tipoff to get his a-- out of the way, but all he did was try to duck.. they finally went and checked id's in the middle of section, but as usual, over 21 and all is fine..

i am going to make a giant sign and hold it up when they are near, "ALCOHOL ENFORCEMENT NEARBY: CAUTION".. we'll see who's laughing then..

it was great to see Crymelo get called for his 5th foul early in the 4th and then whine and cry to the refs on a slow walk to the bench.. didn't he get suspended just the other day? run faster crybaby..

nice break before next game vs. Washington 3-17.. see you then! (maybe)..

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pregame - captains meeting

pregame - lame alcohol enforement losers stood here for like 15 mins

pregame - lame alcolhol enforcers during anthem

q1 - lame alcohol enforcers are STILL there

q1 - memo backs down

q2 - stockton dancer energizes the crowd for a moment

q2 - jazz sucking tonight, down 19, this was the low point of the night, then the jazz fought back.