Home Game 23, 1-27-09
Spurs @ Jazz
Spurs 106 - Jazz 100

i hate manu and flopping.. the serious flopping call in the 1st half with deron getting an offensive foul... you really suck sometimes, refs.. and manu, you suck all the time..

what some serious one sided reff'ing tonight.. i hate the spurs when things go their way and the refs give them all the calls.. late in the game, d-will getting roughed up and no foul for parker.. ugly..

memo is sooo slow. watching him careless with the ball in the 4th quarter, losing it and almost giving it up to a spurs player who dove on the ground because he was quicker.. but memo was like dump truck slow...

jazz couldn't stop the Spurs late and they showed they are the much better team..

happy birthday Jazz Bear.. see you friday vs Oklahoma City Thunder...

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pregame - jazz bear during anthem with kid

q3 - ready for 2nd half

q3 - refs review last shot, it is good..