Lakers @ Jazz
Friday, May 16th, 2008
Lakers 108 - Jazz 105
Playoffs - Round 2 Game 6, Home Game 3

what a game.. from the opening tip, the Lakers wanted the game more.. the Jazz couldn't get stops when they needed to and couldn't hit their shots when it counted.. LA looked like the more experienced team and they're going to be tough for anyone to stop..

i'm not going to complain about the officiating.. the Lakers were too good tonight and the refs didn't blow too many calls (though there were a few, like Boozer not getting a call on a flop when Odom got the call on an exact same looking flop).. officiating goes both ways all season.. yeah, sometimes we get screwed, but sometimes other teams get screwed too.. throughout the season things sort of even themselves out, but in the Playoffs it just hurts.. tonight though, the Lakers were just too strong of a team..

we'll see what happens next season.. i'll be back with my season tix, so hope to bring some more pics up for the page..

until then, enjoy the Jazzcrap and the offseason! so long fans!

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pregame - jazz dancer with the item of the game on near a cop

pregame - firework

1st - close up of kobe free throw

2nd - waiting for the shot

2nd - dwill waits near dfish and joey crawford

3rd - a stockton jersey wearing guy dances with the jazz dancers

4th - boooz waits near kobe and turiaf

4th - dwill waits near a ref

4th - fisher at the line, misses one making it a 3 point game

postgame - fisher and williams as kobe rubs dwills head