Lakers @ Jazz
Sunday, May 11th, 2008
Jazz 123 - Lakers 115
Playoffs - Round 2 Game 4, Home Game 2

it feels SO SO good to bring this series back to LA tied 2-2.. so many Laker fans guaranteed me (and even wanted to bet money) that the Lakers would win and it would be Lakers 3-1.. this one is dedicated to a member .. should have bet you money..

i was worried about the turnout for this game, being on a Sunday and in Utah and all.. i was very worried during the national anthem because the arena was only about 75% full, but the fans did not let me down and made it out in time to cheer on the team.. nice job fans..

i'll end this recap here.. we'll see you back in Utah for Game 6.. if the Jazz win in LA on Wednesday, look out Lakers!

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pregame - national anthem photo, arena still pretty empty

1st - my favorite sign of the day

2nd - jazz wait to come on for 2nd quarter

2nd - dwill talks to eddie f rush

2nd - dwill waits with Fish

4th - fisher at the line in the 4th for a technical free throw, T on Memo

4th - drunk loud lakers fan who never shut up spilled beer on the hot chick on Boozer jersey..

OT - kobe drives for layup but AK blocks it

OT - drunk lame loud Laker fan finally leaves to heckling from the nearby crowd

OT - kobe drives for a layup but he misses

end of game - crowd happy as series is now tied at 2-2