Lakers @ Jazz
Friday, May 9th, 2008
Jazz 104 - Lakers 99
Playoffs - Round 2 Game 3, Home Game 1

wow! i LOVE playing the Lakers.. they're just a fun team to watch.. i miss having Derek Fisher.. it's hard to think that he should still be on our team, but i'm not mad at him for leaving and signing with LA... he did what he had to do for his family.. yeah, it sucks he said he was going to take time off then ended up signing with LA, but i wish him the best.. he provided us with some great memories in last years playoffs that i for one will never forget.. that game 2 against the Warriors still has to be one of my favorite Jazz moments..

things in the game were tight in the 1st quarter, tied at 23 after it was over.. the Jazz played well in the 2nd, despite some horrible calls by Dick Bavetta and company, but we were able to overcome them and made shots when we needed to in order to win the game.. way to go Jazz.. keep up that energy for Sunday afternoon's game.. i've never been to a Sunday home game, and I'm looking forward to it and hopefully being 1-0 when i attend Sunday games..

see you Sunday! it's going to be an exciting game! i just hope the rest of the crowd shows up.. there hasn't been a Sunday game in SLC in 7 years! GO JAZZ!

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pregame - walking around talking to a few people at other portals, from midcourt

pregame - david archuleta with more media on him than the team.. a flash went off at same time

pregame - fireworks for jazz intros

1st - dancers dancing

2nd - jazz wait to come on during timeout

2nd - jump ball between booooz and fisher, somehow fisher wins the tip (1of3)

3rd - fisher talks to dwill

3rd - williams shoots a 3, but misses

3rd - a crazy jazz fan comes to mumble things at a laker fan who was pretty quiet

3rd - dfish at the line

end - game is over now, jazz win the game