Rockets @ Jazz
Friday, May 2nd, 2008
Jazz 113 - Rockets 91
Playoffs - Round 1 Game 6, Home Game 3

so long T-Mac.. it's been great playing you two seasons in a row, and getting past you both seasons.. you had a better chance last year i guess, but regardless, have a great offseason! everything is all you're fault.. and next time you need to pronounce Deron Williams, you'll surely know it by then, i mean, he has knocked you out two years in a row now!

so long Rockets fans.. hopefully we meet again in the first round next year - Jazz in 5! bring on Kobe now..

Beat LA! Beat LA! Beat LA!

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captains meeting midcourt

jazz starters huddle

4th - bear plays fire piano

4th - bear plays fire piano

4th - bear plays fire piano

4th - jazz come on for 4th

4th - rockets bench as tmac checks out for season in 1st round again

4th - game is over, jazz win the game and advance