Rockets @ Jazz
Saturday, April 26th, 2008
Jazz 86 - Rockets 82
Playoffs - Round 1 Game 4, Home Game 2

a much better end to tonight's game than the last one.. tonight the Jazz made their free throws, played decent defense, and kept the Rockets and T-Mac in check to win the game.. the Rockets fought back at the end, much like we did in the last game, but the Jazz stuck through it and thanks to Memo saving D-will's ass, we won the game..

don't have much else to say.. oh yeah, to comment on T-Mac's post game comments about the pronunciation of how to say Deron Williams.. you must know how to say his name, i mean, he knocked you're ass out of the playoffs last year and he's fixing to knock you out again.. you'll get to know Deron Williams pretty well throughout his career, i think.. as someone on the radio said, grow up you "sleepy eyed crybaby." hope you have a nice offseason at home

will be back either next round or on Friday for a Game 6, should Houston win at home on Tuesday..

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pregame - fireworks for intros

2nd - jazz team ready after timeout

2nd - tmac looks tired and like a baby

2nd - bear wants crowd to make noise

3rd - bear with a fireworks crowd noise meter

4th - game is over, jazz win by 4 points to go up 3-1