Rockets @ Jazz
Thursday, April 24th, 2008
Rockets 94 - Jazz 92
Playoffs - Round 1 Game 3, Home Game 1

what a sucky way to end the game tonight.. the Jazz had a chance to win this game, and the series should definitely be Jazz up 3-0.. the Jazz lost for a couple reasons.. (first) we missed 13 free throws, not good.. (second) Sloan should have called a timeout on the last Jazz play to at least give us a chance to set something up.. (third) Houston played much much better with Alston's energy and the Jazz couldn't overcome that late..

Saturday's game is going to be a good one.. i'm hoping the Jazz can rebound and play like they want it.. we should have one this one, but Houston outplayed us tonight.. good game Houston..

don't have much more to write about.. have to be to work early, better get to bed.. see you Saturday night Rockets!

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pregame - fireworks during jazz intros

1st - where 16 wins to championship happens

1st - brewer waits during free throw with tmac

2nd - dwill free throws

4th - after going down by 7, jazz cut rockets lead to 1 with back to back 3's by memo and korver

4th - game is over, rockets win the game to make series 2-1 Jazz