Spurs @ Jazz
Monday, May 28th, 2007
Spurs 91 - Jazz 79
137th Straight Jazz Home Game
(Preseason, Regular Season and Playoffs)

the Jazz had a chance to win this game starting the 4th quarter down by just one point.. thing turned that quarter when the refs took over the game.. the Spurs had a 25-2 free throw advantage in the 4th quarter.. that is absolutely ridiculous.. Jerry was thrown venting his frustration with the refs, but that made no difference and the free throws continued.. it's just so frustrating.. the Spurs are a better team, but when the refs are on their side, we stand absolutely no chance whatsoever..

hopefully this won't be the last game of the season, but if things go in San Antonio the way they have the last 7 year, we'll see you next year.. Jazz need to play well and hopefully the refs won't suck as bad..

let's see.. what else is there to talk about..

during the Jazz introductions, an errant firework went flying down into the crowd from above.. it was crazy, and i had a picture right as the firework was on it's way down.. a few ushers and some security went to check, but i guess the people were fine..

i really, really, really hate thunderstix/bam bams.. yeah, they're fun and make a lot of noise, but they really make taking pictures hard.. i had to stand up if i wanted any decent pictures, and it still sucked because people hold them above their head.. lame..

though i do not condone this type of action, because of the frustration over the officials, someone a few sections to my left in the upper bowl threw a cup down near the court.. it went flying and made it all the way down to the first row of the lower bowl.. everyone started looking up over in that direction, and they think the got who threw it.. i took a picture of him on the way out as he was being held by security.. spurs fans are funny.. i checked a Spurs message board tonight when i got home and that seems to be the highlight of their topics.. "utah fans are so lame, throwing things at players".. come on, it's not everyone.. i agree with you, people who throw things at players are lame, but don't think it's the whole damn state..

congratulations Spurs.. with the refs on your side like they were tonight, you'll win the next 5 championships.. refs suck.. i don't have much more to say.. enjoy the pics..

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in my apartment is a george bush cardboard standee, with an AK47 apron, Delta Center Benchwarmer passes, a free Jazz Tundra hat, and it's all in front of the Maxim and ESPN Magazine table..

fireworks and an errant firework goes flying (see story in recap)

security runs to check on the fans by where fireworks hit

eva text messages

fisher talking to williams

game is over, jazz lose and the refs officially suck

the guy in the true blue shirt is who they think threw something