Warriors @ Jazz
Tuesday, May 15th, 2007
Jazz 100 - Warriors 87
135th Straight Jazz Home Game
(Preseason, Regular Season and Playoffs)

way to go Jazz! you've done us all well advancing farther than just about everyone thought you would at the beginning of the year.. through horrible officiating and rough times late in the year, you've done well, and i tip my glass to each one of you... (except Collins)..

the Jazz fought off the Refs first of all, and the Warriors 2nd.. the refs wanted us to lose tonight and did all they can to help the Warriors, but the Jazz fought through the horrible officiating.. every game seems like it gets worse, i hope none are ever like this one was..

the arena was awesome tonight.. fans were louder than ever.. the excitement in the air was incredible.. i happened to snap a picture right as the fireworks were going off, turned out well.... just a few points to make.. i'm tired and have to be to work in about 6 hours..

-- the Warriors are a bunch of whiners.. quit whining and play the game, damn..

-- Baron Davis elbows are dirty dirty dirty.. he's a nasty player and i don't know why Fisher is still on good terms with him..

-- Stephen Jackson has all the free time in the world this summer to settle his court case..

-- Davis and Jackson should have been ejected.. i don't know how they stayed at the game, especially Jackson yelling at the ref in the 3rd quarter.. i guess i don't know what was said, but come on Refs.. you wouldn't stop blowing your whistle at the beginning of the year! Barnes should have been thrown out much sooner..

again.. way to go Jazz. great series by the Warriors, but in the end, the Jazz take it.. bring on the Suns/Spurs!

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a kid dropped his hot dog, spilling some mustard.. i told the usher, he didn't want to clean it up.. i then fashioned a sort of caution sign out of a season ticket holder junk mail left at the seat.. the usher came to clean it soon after, people laughed

the arena was ELECTRIC tonight, i caught this photo right as the fireworks went off

tipoff photo was good tonight

williams points at who is throwing the elbows

flash goes off as the refs sort things after Jackson flagrant foul..

after the game is over and the jazz win

fisher and boozer in a postgame interview on TNT, i love the jazz.