Warriors @ Jazz
Wednesday, May 9th, 2007
Jazz 127 - Warriors 117 (OT)
134th Straight Jazz Home Game
(Preseason, Regular Season and Playoffs)

Derek Fisher saved the game for the Jazz tonight. The struggle started early with D-Will getting called for 2 fouls in the first 60 seconds of gametime. Later in the first quarter, Dee Brown went down and left the game to head to the hospital. It didn't look good for us. In the 3rd quarter, Williams was hit with his 4th personal foul, and it seemed like the night wasn't going to go our way. Just then, I looked towards the tunnel near the Jazz bench, and out came Derek Fisher. What an ovation Fisher got! There hasn't been such a loud ovation for a player since the retirement of Malone's jersey. Fisher deserved it. He kept the energy up, and then put it all away with a late 3 in overtime to put us up by 6. Derek Fisher, I Love You.

The crowd was great again tonight. I guess that's expected now since it's the playoffs. I would have to say the second half and overtime of tonight's game was the loudest of the playoffs yet.

The lower bowl fans were all given blue shirts that were left on their chairs before the game. It was pretty cool, but quite a few fans didn't even bother to put them on. Before tipoff, cameras were showing people on the superscreen with a message saying to put it on, and the camera stayed there until they did. It was pretty funny.

Officiating was horrible both ways. I can't say that only we got screwed on some bad calls, because Golden State got kicked in the nads on some of them too. What is it with the refs these days? It seems like every game all we talk about it horrible officiating all around the board. At the start of the 4th quarter, they said they wanted everyone to stand the entire 4th quarter. I did just that and was on my feet for all of the 4th plus the overtime session. It was cool, quite a few other people were too but a lot sat down. Fun stuff.

I don't really have much else to say about tonights game. It's good to see all the coverage for Fish on different sites. Well deserved. I couldn't ask for a better person to come in and give us a lift. You deserved it Fish!

Jazz head to Oakland for Games 3 and 4 up 2-0! Come on Jazz! Take one of the games, and we will make sure you win Game 5 back here in SLC. Thank you Jazz! Enjoy the Jazzcrap..

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fisher is on the tickets tonight, and would later save teh day

rich guy james goldstein gets louder every night

national anthem photo

weird guys from las vegas for halftime

fisher comes on to very loud, loud ovation and would save the day

dwill would hit a basket and tie the game

jazz win the game by 10 points! go jazz, now up 2-0 in series