Rockets @ Jazz
Thursday, May 3rd, 2007
Jazz 94 - Rockets 82
132nd Straight Jazz Home Game
(Preseason, Regular Season and Playoffs)

good energy by the crowd and a great team effort brought us the W tonight.. the crowd was loud and energized in the 2nd half and kept the Jazz playing well.. some calls went our way, some were bogus and I coulnd't believe.. (like in the 2nd quarter, an offensive foul on Millsap, you know what i am talking about).

it's been a long season so far.. all i can ask for is one more win by the team.. please Jazz, i need you to win Game 7 on Saturday so we can all come back for one more round.. it's going to be against the Warriors, so it's anyone's series.. please Jazz.. i need you.. i'd be there if i could, but i'll definately be there in spirit..

enjoy the pics.. Houston Sucks! i'll post again after Saturday.. (and Happy Birthday to my Dad.. today was his Birthday..)

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slacker usher chris hangs out in the hallway tonight with friends from his "important" job

howard looks confused and doesnt know how dumb he is

one of the luckiest ball boys i've ever seen

bear and the fireworks piano

bear and the fireworks piano