Rockets @ Jazz
Saturday, April 28th, 2007
Jazz 98 - Rockets 85
131st Straight Jazz Home Game
(Preseason, Regular Season and Playoffs)

another good team effort and an exciting win tonight.. i would be oh so happy if the Jazz can just win the game on Monday, then come back for an exciting Game 6 next week.. come on Jazz, we have faith in you and if we could be there cheering for you, we would.. if you fly us there, we will come...

the rockets came on first to some boos, not quite as many as last game.. the jazz were on shortly after them to some louder cheers than the day before.. the announcer during the Rockets introductions could barely be heard through all the loud boos for Houston.. along with the usual, "Houston Sucks" chant again...

national anthem girl knew the words.. much, much, much better than the stupid guy from Air Supply.. don't ever come back Air Supply, at least until you study the words...

rockets won the tipoff and missed an early three, but then the Jazz missed their shot and Yao was at the line shorlty after.. it was good seeing the Refs call Tmac and Yao for 5 fouls each, with no Jazz player having more than 4.. AK was his usual new-self again.. he isn't playing with near the mindset that he used to, and while he looked a little better tonight, just looks like he doesn't belong.. he was pretty smooth on the D-end and played Tmac much better than Fish did.. i'm suprised Jerry doesn't put Fish on Yao..

halftime was BMX riders on some ramps.. i've seen the guys a few times at least.. they rode over Bear at one point, i took a picture of that.. Hafa came into the game in the 4th quarter to some cheers.. i can't remember who he replaced or if the cheers were for him or for who he was replacing..

a taco bell parachute drop got stuck up in some lights, and fell down a little while later late at halftime.. it landed on the seats right next to the row 4 season ticket holder girl who sits in front of me.. she didn't pick it up and some other people got it.. come on, pick it up next time.. (do you come to my website? email me.)

anyways.. enjoy the pics.. we'll for sure be back Thursday for a Game 6 - Win in Houston! Houston Sucks!

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fireworks from the superscreen

fireworks from the light racks installed for playoffs

fisher talks to a ref on the playoffs logo

bear with a noise meter that sets off a flame, probably would have gone off no matter how loud it got.

bmx rider jumps over bear

fireworks as bear is upside down on giant ladder

end of game, jazz win again to tie the series