Rockets @ Jazz
Thursday, April 26th, 2007
Jazz 81 - Rockets 67
130th Straight Jazz Home Game
(Preseason, Regular Season and Playoffs)

on with the game.. this game was exciting.. i don't know if i've ever been to a game this exciting.. the last playoffs game I went to was in 2003 vs the Kings.. i really don't think the crowd was in it as much, as everyone knew the Kings were a better team back then.. tonight was a completely different story..

the Rockets came onto the court first with some loud, loud boos by the fans.. they continued on for quite some time, at least 60 seconds or so.. you knew they could hear it.. we even started with the "Houston sucks" chant, before tipoff, and the crowd caught onto it.. it was pretty fun.. the Jazz came onto the court for warm ups and the crowd erupted into cheers...

introductions for the Rockets were just boos.. intros for the Jazz were exciting and the fireworks made it even more exciting.. the Jazz played well and as a team most of the game.. officiating was not as bad as it has been in the series.. there were definitely those plays when you just want to know what the refs were looking at.. things were all over the place tonight.. Memo was definitely getting a bit frustrated with Yao in the first half.. i would have been frustrated as well, considering what the Refs were giving him..

halftime was drummers from Chicago.. i've seen them numerous times, but still can't remember their name.. here is a funny story.. just before halftime, the people in the row in front of me got up to leave for a minute... they told me to watch their stuff, i said, "no, i will have to sell it for beer money." they laughed, took their stuff, and left.. a minute or so later, some punk kid came and sat down in them, thinking they were empty.. the people that were their left their cheering things (can't think of a name), and the guy was gonna take them, so i just mentioned to him the seats were taken and those belonged to somebody.. the guy got up and left.. a few minutes later, the people who sat there returned.. they looked on the ground, the retard had dropped his wallet and left it at the seats! it was so funny.. i took a picture of the wallet and was going to give it to the usher, but then noticed the kid sitting a few rows up, so i returned his wallet in it.. no cash in it, but definitely a funny story!

the crowd broke out into the "Houston Sucks" chant over and over again tonight.. it was fun to give it back to them, but i don't think anything makes up for them saying it about us when one of our players is down on the court.. i hate the stupid Rockets..

i thought Boozer did well, but there were at least a few possessions when i thought he should have taken it to the whole.. drive on Yao, get him in foul trouble.. he settled for outside jumpers too much, but still got the job done for the most part..

good game by the Jazz and I hope they can bring their energy on Saturday for the next game.. BEAT HOUSTON!!

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fireworks for jazz starters intros

see funny story above about this guy and his wallet

see funny story above about this guy and his wallet

Picture A - tmac looks for a pass

Picture B - tmac shoots and misses

the arena is electric tonight, jazz cheer as the game is over and the jazz win 81-67

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